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I’m not here to tell you to vote for Donny if you’re passionate about someone else, of course vote for your favourite player, but if you’re not sure who to vote for or if you’re trying to decide between Donny and someone else, here’s a few short reasons to vote for Donny

  • The money will help him a lot (surgery, he might not have a job any longer since he quit for the show and they might not hire him back) and while big brother isnt a charity, AFP gives America an opportunity to vote for someone who deserves to win some money for just being themselves)
  • Donny has never been anything but kind and welcoming and sweet to the other houseguests, he was always there for them, encouraging them, helping them through tough situations, listening to them, supporting them and being nice to them
  • He has been picked on and excluded every single week in that house, 90% of the time he had no one to talk to because no one wanted to associate with him
  • He’s so smart and was able to figure out the games of a lot of the other players, Derrick included and had people been willing to work with him he could have easily run that house, which should be rewarded.
  • He proved himself to be a beast in competitions #vetoking
  • He won competitions when he had to win to save himself as long as he possibly could, he won a competition where his partner was actively working against him to help the other team
  • He’s hilarious and provided a lot of the entertainment this season
  • He’s a genuine guy, he’s not fake or playing a character, who he was on the show is who he is and that’s respectable
  • Unlike EVERY other houseguest this season, he doesn’t have any social media accounts, other than fanmade accounts with a couple hundred followers no one is going to be tweeting out links to vote for him, every other house guest has thousands and thousands of followers where they can either tweet links for voting for them or have their family tweet links for voting for them if they’e still in the house/jury
  • He’s a good guy, he played a great game, he made us smile all summer and the money can/will really help him, so if you’re not sure who to vote for I want to kindly suggest Donny Thompson
  • Also he’s a superfan, he’s someone who truly loves this game.





I’ve used the “well, how do you know? Have you TRIED it?”

I’ve also used that “well, it’s not real sex, you know?”

The last one, I was at a party and this guy started getting aggro about me being gay. He gets on my nerves for the last time so I just lean in, and go, “you know, I just don’t know how straight people do it. I mean, it’s not REAL sex.” And the guy goes “What?!”

And I just go, “well yeah. In real sex, nobody has to fake coming.”

I’ve never seen someone shut their mouth so quickly in my life. It was like watching a mantis shrimp.


I love any shape on a woman’s body, they are so beautiful and so cute in their own way. Soft and delicate!
You would have to be a real awful person to bring someone to tears for how their skin wraps around their soul

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